REVIEW: Aftershokz Gamez Bluetooth Headset


Aftershokz has one of the cooler technologies working to bring the consumer new ways to experience sound. I’ve heard of Aftershokz through the grapevine, seeing it at CES, reading about me online, and it always piqued my curiosity. The Aftershokz use ‘bone conduction’ technology and totally sounds made up. It isn’t and it’s actually really cool once you get to try it out. What is bone conduction you ask?

From the creators: Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process, as sound already travels through our ear drums and bones simultaneously. Our patented transducers guide those mini vibrations through the cheekbones, directly to the inner ears.

I’ve been using the Aftershokz Gamez for the past week everywhere, I’ve used them to work out, to listen to music in my room, I’ve played games with them, and I’ve walked around my neighbourhood with them. The headset is a solid piece of technology and has replaced my ear buds from my phone everywhere I would use a wired pair of headphones.


I’d like to take some time to talk about the design of the Games headset. They’re stylish and chic and come in a cool package and a metallic green colour which surprisingly grew on me. The first few days I wore them incorrectly, but, that was my fault, and once I repositioned them, they felt great and I realized why they were designed that way, they were comfortable!

The Gamez are a Bluetooth device and pairing is simple, I had no issues pairing with iOS and took seconds. The same goes for pairing to my PC, within seconds, I was playing games on my PC, listening to music on Spotify, and watching TV on Netflix.

The microphone worked well enough for phone calls but were not tested while gaming. The Gamez include dual noise cancelling mics and were noticeable while on call at the gym during my testing.


The battery on the headset is advertised as a full six hours of usage and felt like it was relatively close that during my usage of them. My schedule would include two hours at the gym a night, and it took until the fourth morning of testing that I needed to plug in to charge the headset.

If you’re looking for a headset that covers the major bases of comfort, battery, and sound, this is a great place to start looking. The headset covers my day to day needs well, providing me a great way to be cord free and focused on my tasks at hand.

If you’re interested in purchasing a headset, please visit here, these are a great way to go wireless.