Review: 7 Days To Die (Console Port)

7 Days To Die Review 4

Way back in 2013, the indie game developers known as the Fun Pimps created an open world survival horror, zombie apocalypse video game to end all open world survival horror, zombie apocalypse video games. That game, was 7 Days to Die. Sadly, this game was only available to the PC market, until very recently. That’s right, everyone’s favorite publisher, Telltale Games, has partnered with The Fun Pimps to bring the ‘revolutionary’ 7 Days to Die to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I was very excited to get my hands on this game, something that was supposed to change one of my favorite genres in video games. Maybe I should have read up on the game first.

To be honest, there was very little that could be classified as good in this game. The crafting and building is pretty fun, that is until the zombies show up. Then you’re focusing on the disorientating pop ups at the side of the screen telling you that you’re hungry, cold, thirsty, wet…wait wet? I was nowhere near water. Am I sweating? In the middle of winter, after no strenuous activity? Ok.

7 Days To Die Review 2
This game is ugly. It looks like something you’d play in the late 90s, and not in the fun, retro kind of way. The constant auto saves causes the game to hiccup every couple of minutes. The landscape is very bland and boring as the developers have obviously reused probably every asset they had tenfold. Many items just don’t look like what their supposed to, such as rocks…they couldn’t even get small stones right.

One of my main gripes with this game is that once you die, that’s it, you start from scratch. I get that this is the way in a lot of zombie survival games and that it’s supposed to replicate the ‘once you die you’re not coming back’ aspect, but when the zombies and the environment are bugging out every damn minute of the day, it really sucks all the fun out of it. Speaking of bugs, this game has A LOT of them. I love building things, and then putting them down for them to completely disappear. The zombies are hopeless. It’s a rare sight to kill one and have it actually stay dead still on the ground. Most of the time when I killed a zombie they would either remain standing upwards, or they would collapse and then proceed to float upwards to the heavens. Many of my attacks didn’t register either as my arm just goes through the zombie like it’s some phantom ghost.

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The game uses a menu based crafting system which is fine, but they were too lazy to properly integrate console controls to this so I was forced to use a wonky mouse cursor to select things (which is great when the menu doesn’t pause the game and I’m frantically trying to craft a weapon as I become surrounded by the undead). The load times are truly painful. Loading a saved game can take up to 10 minutes to load. What the hell are you loading? Did I mention everything looks bad? It shouldn’t take that long to load bad graphics.

So basically, I’m saying don’t waste your time with this. It’s a promising game that really missed the mark on the consoles. A few years ago I reviewed a small indie game, which shared a lot of the same ideas, called ApocZ. That game cost me $1 and I had more fun with it than this. I still have hope that the game could get better, or as good as it performs on the PC. But until then there’s games like State of Decay or even Minecraft that are more deserving of my money. Oh yeah, did I mention this game costs $39.99? That’s pretty outrageous if you ask me. This game had the potential to be one of the best zombie games on the market, but this port failed big time.

7 Days To Die (Port)











  • Crafting And Building Are Fun


  • Looks Awful
  • Glitches Galore
  • Lazy Port
  • Expensive