Review: 1000xResist

Going in with no idea what to expect is generally one of the best ways to experience media. That’s how I recommend experiencing 1000XResist. This keeps your expectations low and knowledge in a bubble, and I gravitate to being unspoiled more and more.

In a world where humanity has vanished for a millennium, only one human, ALLMOTHER, remains alive. Her sisters live separately in the Orchard, serving her in the hope of one day being summoned to her presence. However, the truth about this society is more complex than it appears. As the Watcher, your task is to observe ALLMOTHER’s past before slaying her.

1000XResist Is Filled With Incredible Moments

Watcher is one of six prominent sisters in the Orchard, a subterranean civilization. They are attempting to survive after the arrival of alien entities known as the Occupants, which brought a devastating plague to Earth. The only survivor, Iris, became capable of creating clones of herself. These clones could live masked and underground, but they didn’t possess the same immunity to the disease. Principal, the head of the Orchard, orders Watcher to talk with the other heads to investigate a possible traitor. The player follows Watcher on every step of the journey, observing and making critical decisions that will shape the sisters forever.


In 1000xResist, some things require your attention. You can either explore where players can navigate a maze-like environment in the exploration phase, interact with other characters, and progress the story by speaking to specific individuals. Additionally, there are features of extensive worldbuilding, and even minor characters have left their mark.

1000XResist does not feature combat and instead focuses on exploration. Players will navigate different environments, inspect items, and move between nodes. Some players may find the amount of walking excessive, but it immerses players in the environment without allowing any place to feel like a drag. The game is known for its impactful storytelling and does not hesitate to deliver intense moments.


The game lacks quest markers and a map, making navigating and finding things difficult, with a basic compass to guide you. I had instances throughout my time with the game where I was a bit frustrated because there was a lack of a map to gain my bearing or a way to pin a quest marker as my following location. Eventually, you work through the motions as you move forward by making he best of the situation.

The game has a section where you enter a Communion. During this part, you explore ALLMOTHER’s memories to uncover how the world ended and what transpired later. There are multiple moments in time to explore the same place, and you can switch between timelines. For instance, you may need to access one location previously but find it blocked off. To address this, you can travel to a point in the future where the block is removed, then return to the past once it’s clear.

A Unique Visual Personality

Visually, 1000xRESIST has a very cool sci-fi design built into its foundation. I also enjoyed many of the animations used to discern the timelines. The game features NPCs who provide valuable insights into the story’s core themes. Interacting with these characters is essential for understanding the narrative. Additionally, there are segments in the game that involve flying to specific points, which contribute to some of the most impactful story scenes.


Much of the inspiration feels pulled from many of the studio’s contemporaries, including the incredible NieR series. I found that fans of that series will see a commendable title worth playing if you enjoyed Automata. There are moments of tonal whiplash that will stick with you and are executed so well that it’s hard not to love what the studio has done here.



1000XResist is a sleeper hit that more people should actively search out and play. It is filled with style and substance, delivering an original tale that will stick with you. You’ll feel many different emotions in your 15-hour playthrough, and 1000XResist is a highlight of 2024 that I hope more people will discuss online in the coming months.


[The publisher provided a copy of the game for review purposes.]

Reviewed on: PC

Review: 1000xResist
A really cool and engaging narrative
Tons of wonderful characters
A unique aesthetic that sticks out
Didn't Like
The overworld is a bit messy to explore and can be confusing at times