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Review: 1-2 Switch

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1-2 Switch is a party game that took me by surprise, but in a good way. I’m not the biggest fan of these party games as I’m usually left bored of what’s going on and rather quickly and often, trying to get out continuing. With 28 different mini-games to choose from, ranging from milking a cow to acting like a gorilla, the Wario Ware flavoured games remind me that it’s okay to be silly with your friends.

The first time I turned on 1-2 Switch I had brought over the Nintendo Switch to my friend’s home, I let him know we would be sitting down and getting to try each mini-game a handful of times to better understand them and so I could review them for this review.

When the Wii launched in 2006, one of the hottest games was Wii Sports, a similar style game that was hard to find and easy to enjoy. 1-2 Switch kicks it up a dozen notches and turns normal movements in wacky games to play.

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With no explanation upon starting 1-2 Switch the first time, Nintendo asks you to play five games to get a feel of what is coming, this confused me at first because there’s 28 games advertised inside the case and on the back.

There isn’t a shortage of content, 28 mini-games that require two or more people to stand in front of their TV facing each other, often awkwardly having to stare each other in the eye to play these hilarious games.

Each of the games introduces you to the concept in well produced short videos that break down what players need to do to win the mini-game, often enough, these short videos are entertaining, many times I was left with unclear instructions on how to play certain games, and audio or visual cues to win.

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Some games have you twisting and turn your hands in uncomfortable positions. The safe cracking mini-game will fun left my friend and I twisting awkwardly to ensure we could find the groove to get the next combination.

The neat thing about 1-2 Switch is how often I would forget that all I needed to enjoy this game was the console itself and my two Joy-Cons to play. Mobile sessions occurred more often than home sessions and playing in the office felt strange but satisfying.

The Joy-Cons also serve up many ways to play, one mini-game has you holding the controller in your hand and precisely requires you to count how many marbles are in the “box,” the Joy-Con has advanced haptic feedback and provides a way to count the marbles by vibration alone.

From the games available, eventually you’ll find the handful that are most enjoyable and return to them often enough when a friend stops by or at the office. The goal here is to look as goofy as possible while doing mundane things like milking a cow or rocking a baby to sleep.

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Each generation of console has that title that comes out at launch and serves are the showcase for what the new platform can offer. With a weak launch library, the Nintendo Switch’s showcase game, aside from The Legend of Zelda, is 1-2 Switch, in months and years, you won’t see people pulling out their cartridge to show off the Switch, but something better that is truly worthy of showing off.

1-2 Switch feels to be spiritual successor to Wii Sports with a hint of Wario’s quirkiness added to the mix. The mini-games are bizarre, funny, and memorable but some games leave you hanging due to lack of proper instructions. In a party setting, 1-2 Switch can add hours to the party but the lack of single player games hurts as I’d love to be able to play minigames on my own time if I’m alone.

1-2 Switch











  • Good launch title
  • Good party game
  • Variety of games


  • Multiplayer only
  • Some games lack proper instruction