Revenant Hill

Revenant Hill Already Feels Familiar

We’ve finally witnessed some gloriously good news from The Glory Society! 

The new studio, made up of members of Infinite Fall, makers of Night in the Woods, appears to keep the spirit of that incredible indie experience alive with Revenant Hill.

The year is 1919, and you play as Mae… I mean Twigs the cat. 

After your relaxing life in a barn goes up in flames, you settle in a damp log near a cemetery belonging to a capitalist owl landlord [who, who… Tom Nook V2, that’s who!]. You’ve got to be a cat for the community. Meet the people that make the titular town their home, and raise crops to sell or keep for yourself. Host parties for the mystically inclined. But above all, work your way up the ladder towards your dream job of being a fully licensed familiar.

The Glory Society (Glory, for short) brings Bethany Hockenberry and Scott Benson back together as writers and narrative designers. The two are, of course, co-creators of Night in the Woods. But it also brings some other superb talent, including Technical Director Ali Aya, who worked on Doom 2016 and Skyrim VR. 

John Wilinski of Netflix’s Twelve Forever combines his unique animation style with Night in the Woods’ lasting legacy — and seemingly does it perfectly.

“The world of Revenant Hill is big, strange, beautiful, and complicated. Building a community is too. But it’s worth it.” says Technical Designer Coby West.

Revenant Hill is in development for PS4 and PS5.