Terror at Oakheart

Retro Horror Adventure Terror at Oakheart Launches Today

“Teddy is here”

Terror at Oakheart is ready to scare your retro-inspired socks off as it launches on Steam today. The solo developer at Tainted Pact has created a dark and twisted slasher story that draws direct inspiration from classic horror franchises from the 80’s and 90’s.

The game takes place throughout a dark setting, as Eric, Ethan, Rose, Tyler, and a number of others try to not only survive Teddy and his serial killer ways, but uncover his motivations.

Teddy may be the one dishing out the bloodshed, but he is also “under the sway of a Lovecraftian beast,” according to the developer. By the look of things, Terror at Oakheart is creating a unique atmosphere that despite its pixelated art style, is sure to create a edge-of-your-seat experience.

Terror At Oakheart is available on Steam now for with a 15% launch discount.