Respawn Is Working On A New Medal Of Honor

The developer behind Titanfall, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Apex Legends are working on a revival of Medal of Honor. Talk about keeping busy with so many projects on the go.

Revealed during today’s Oculus Connect 6, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a VR-exclusive title set during World War II and will launch on the Oculus Rift next year. The game takes place between 1943 to 1945 and is split up into three acts over 50 levels, according to PC Gamer.

Respawn has been working on Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond for two years and the director, Peter Hirschmann wrote for the original Medal of Honor…

“Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an action-packed and incredibly immersive VR experience set in World War II, where you step into the boots of an agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in war-torn Europe. A deep single-player campaign takes you through historic events on land, air, and sea, sabotaging Nazi bases, subverting enemy plans, aiding the French Resistance, and much, much more. With the Oculus Rift, we’re bringing players into the Medal of Honor series in an entirely new way, with an experience that transports you back to Europe in the 1940s. It’s the closest thing to a time machine you’ll ever see.”