Resistance Retribution

Resistance: Retribution Rated for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Per Gematsu, the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Kora have rated Resistance: Retribution for both PS4 and PS5.

The game was originally launched in 2009 on the PlayStation Portable and was developed by Bend Studio, the developers behind Days Gone.


In related news, Bend Studios has been one of the studios that have been working on bringing trophy support to their older games including Syphon Filter.

Last year Sony has been given the approval of a patent for emulating older titles on new hardware. This patent essentially emulated games alongside initiating a request from your console. A trophy would pop up within the emulated game giving players the same experience they’ve grown accustomed to and earning trophies for classic games.

With the new PlayStation Plus tiers already live on the other side of the world with North America joining in June, seeing Resistance: Retribution makes sense. Sony is including a PlayStation Plus Classic category for those who upgrade their subscription, offering classic games through your console.