Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village: Meet the Villains

By now you’re in one of two camps when it comes to Resident Evil Village, either you’re thirsty for Lady Dimitrescu or you’re really thirsty for the towering, enticing countess.

IGN has revealed the main villains you’ll face off against when Village launches on May 7 and from the previews showcased so far we’ve met a few of them but we never really had much information about them. Today, that’s no longer the case as there is a breakdown of who and what you’ll go up against in two short weeks.

4 Lords visible in the village church non exclusive image from our own screen capture

From the article, we know that the game is set in a village somewhere in Eastern Europe where the entire area is ruled by Mother Miranda, a major antagonist for the game. Each area in the game has its own unique identity and each area is visually different from the others but also offers different enemy types, mechanics, and boss battles.

Mother Miranda employs four Lords that surround her and we’ve seen a few of them. Lady Dimitrescu serves as one of them, and the towering mutant stands at 9’6” tall and runs the Castle Dimitrescu with her three daughters. We’ve seen Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela in trailers and what they are capable of.

Heisenberg small

The second Lord is known as Karl Heisenberg and we’ve seen him in several trailers for Resident Evil Village. He is an engineer who runs a family factory and carries a giant hammer with him. Heisenberg loves to kill and usually turns that into a game when he tortures people, and we see early on what he is capable of doing. The article mentions that we’ll explore the factory and it is different from other areas of the game because it feels modern.

Heisenberg s Factory first reveal asset small

Moreau small

The third Lord is Salvatore Moreau and his design is inspired by mermen from gothic-style horror. Unlike the previous two Lords, Salvatore barely resembles a human and he feels more like the monsters you see in Resident Evil. He is covered to hide his appearance and he was designed to be repulsive. Moreau’s Reservoir is an area you’ll explore as it is next to an abandoned fishing village.

MOREA1 small

In the image, we see a preview of where Moreau resides and certainly looks dilapidated but also the area seems to be explorable.

Beneviento small

The fourth Lord is Donna Beneviento and her puppet Angie. She’s probably the creepiest of the bunch when looking at all four together and she is covered in black. Both Donna and Angie reside in the House Beneviento, a residence just outside of the village.

HOUSE1 small