Resident Evil 4 showcase

Resident Evil 4 Sales Tops 3 Million In Two Days

Last week’s Resident Evil 4 remake has been selling well, Capcom is reporting over three million copies sold since launching on March 24.

Capcom provided a brief statement regarding the sales figure this week saying that it is committed to one of its flagship series and will continue to support and develop Resident Evil titles.

By comparison, Resident Evil Village achieved the same sales figure in four days, while Resident Evil 2 sold three million in one week, and Resident Evil 3 sold the same number in five days. It’s pretty clear people love the series and want more video games set in this universe.

Since launching on March 24, Resident Evil 4 has outperformed Resident Evil Village in peak concurrent users on steam and has effectively doubled players of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. 

In the same press release, Capcom revealed the Resident Evil franchise has sold a cumulative 135 million units since first debuting in 1996.