Resident Evil 4 showcase

Resident Evil 4 Sales Top 5 Million Units

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake has hit another milestone after launching this past March. In just four months, sales have crossed five million sold. A VR mode is also planned for in the future for PlayStation VR2.

Within the first two days, Resident Evil 4 sold three million copies, then another million sold in just two weeks. Now, we’ve crossed another milestone.

In a press release by Capcom, the company states a “fresh gameplay experience, featuring highly immersive visuals powered by the cutting-edge graphics technology of Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine. Sales of Resident Evil 4 grew following a highly positive reception from customers and with the release of The Mercenaries, free additional downloadable content, driving worldwide sales of over 5 million units.”

In my review, I said, “Resident Evil 4 continues the trend of elevating an established series by iterating and improving on what made the original games so beloved. The core of Resident Evil 4 is still intact, and it feels like Capcom plays to the strengths at which the franchise excels. From how Leon moves to how he handles himself in battle, controls are snappy and responsive, and every encounter is thrilling.”