Resident Evil 4

Come Watch This Bizarre Resident Evil 4 Anime

Capcom has revealed a colourful and rather offputting anime based on the Resident Evil 4 remake that is set to launch this week. Releasing the first episode that sees Leon head to a rural Spanish countryside, you’ll see what happens in a new light.

The animation is done by Nippon Animation and it it the polar opposite of the tone you’ll find in the actual game. It’s also hard not to look at the animated short and see where the Studio Ghibli inspiration is pulled from.

Capcom is also no stranger to producing some weird marketing for their Resident Evil games. When Resident Evil Village was set to launch in 2021, the publisher released a puppet show based on the characters and events happening in-game.

If the first episode is anything to go on, we’ll likely see a few more of these shorts before the official game launch on Friday. For now, sit back and enjoy as Leon looks for Ashley.