Resident Evil 2 Brings Familiar Faces

It’s been some time since I’ve played Resident Evil 2 and although the nostalgia this game brings me is wonderful and the urge to revisit the game looms over me, I’d rather wait for the remake.

I’ve been following the remake since the reveal and the amount of care and detail we’re seeing is hard not to love. We’ve had a good look at Leon, Claire, Ada and Mr. X.

The Tyrants in Resident Evil 2 are gross, scary, and did I mention disgusting? The new design is creepy and the he moves like nothing can stop him is unsettling. Seriously, watch the video below and gander at how calculated he moves towards Claire.

Honestly, the more I see, the more I want this remake. Capcom is proving to be the best studio out of Japan with games like this and Devil May Cry V, and last year with Monster Hunter World.