Remnant 2 Hunter

Remnant 2 Shows Off Sneaky and Deadly Hunter Archetype

Long range and stealth mechanics all rolled into one class

The next chapter in the action-survival shooter series is just around the corner with Remnant 2. Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing have shown off some more gameplay and announced the next archetype players can specialize in when the game launches next week.

The Hunter Archetype is a long-range specialist. It’s no big surprise that marking enemies and keeping your distance is one option, while stealthily defeating enemies broadens their arsenal. Passive bonuses also seem fun and will likely be a huge addition to the team environment:

“The Hunter’s Prime Perk is Dead to Rights, allowing for active Hunter Skills to be extended when long range hits are scored on enemy weak points. Hunters can also mark enemies. Marked enemies can be seen through walls and are more susceptible to critical hits from all players.”

Remnant was a punishing, but fun game to dive into. The sequel seems to be doubling down with epic footage of massive boss fights and hordes of enemies. Remnant 2  was announced last year at The Game Awards and new information has been trickling in every since.

Now just days before it’s full release, we have our fifth playable archetype. Each one, including the newly announced Hunter, has a healthy mix of ranged and melee abilities and buffs. The Hunter looks to be a solid balance of stealth and sniping action, while providing combat buffs to their teammates. The Challenger, Handler, Gunslinger, and Medic are also on the roster.

Pre-orders for digital editions will grant an early unlock of the Gunslinger Archetype.

Remnant 2 hits early access this Friday and the full release arrives on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox on July 25th.