Remembering the Warsaw Rising with Enemy Front

70 years after the Warsaw Rising CI Games prepared something unique for players of Enemy Front. On August 1, at 5 pm (“W” Hour), the game will freeze for one minute. Players all around the world will be able to honor the Warsaw Insurgents at the same time as Poles, while learning about the history of the Rising. This global scale initiative in the virtual and real worlds was initiated by McCann Worldgroup Poland. The goal of the event is to draw the world’s attention to the largest military action of the resistance in the history of Nazi-occupied Europe.

On August 1, at 5 pm, the game Enemy Front will be frozen for one minute. At the same time players will be referred to the www.itwasntagame.com, where they will experience the tribute to Insurgents held every year in Warsaw with the city stopping to the sounds of sirens. In addition, they will learn key facts about the Rising.

The purpose of our event is simple, to promote international awareness of the Warsaw Rising. Whilst working on Enemy Front, we realized that this shared history and the day itself, whilst of enormous significance for the people of Poland, is barely known outside the boundaries of our country. This is why we took such great care to re-create an historically accurate depiction of the events that took place in wartime Warsaw, whilst retaining great respect for all involved in the conflict, within our game. Now, 70 years after the Rising, we hope that though this event, we can help the World understand the importance of that fateful day in Warsaw and why it is important to honor the memory of all those who fell in in combat, helping us to achieve freedom – said Marek Tymiński, CEO of CI Games.

On Tuesday, August 1, 1944 at 5 pm („W” Hour), the Warsaw Rising broke out. It was to become the largest military resistance action in Nazi-occupied Europe. In the capital about 50 combatants joined the fight. It was planned for just a few days but instead lasted for over two months.

For years, at „W” Hour, people of Warsaw and other Polish cities commemorate the heroes who died during the Rising. The city almost literally freezes for 60 seconds, residents and tourists stop, as well as cars and public transport. This year, thanks to Enemy Front, not only people who live in Poland have a chance to honor the heroes, others around the world will have the opportunity to join in as well.

Enemy Front is a modern game with realistic visuals of the fights and an open structure of levels, allowing to experience the reality of World War II and the Warsaw Rising. Thanks to the latest technology, we have maintained the realism of the scenes of the clashes. It goes far beyond the boundaries of other available games in this genre. In Enemy Front the player takes on the role of Robert Hawkins, American war correspondent of Polish origin. He comes to war haunted Europe to narrate the events he sees there. However, after witnessing the Nazis’ atrocities, he joins the resistance movement and joins the fight in the Warsaw Rising. The creators of the game also set the action in other parts of Europe, first in France, then in Norway, Germany etc.

Enemy Front was designed based on CryEngine 3 technology. It is available for Xbox 360 from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game is provided through a Steam global platform. Therefore, it is available on all of the continents.


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