Remember Pokémon Go? Well It’s Getting Its First Legendary Pokemon


Get ready to charge your phones and reinstall the Pokémon Go app, because it was announced that this week the game will get its first legendary Pokémon.

This Saturday July 22 at Chicago’s Grant Park Pokemon Go Fest will take place and attendees will be the first to be able to catch legendary Pokémon. In order for them to catch the legendary types they have to be able to catch a certain amount of Pokémon needed to unlock them first. Soon after the attendees catch the legendary types then those types will be available everywhere for users to catch at players local gyms.

Raid battles is another thing that would be available to local players, starting July 23, can team up with their friends in legendary Raid Battles. Although legendary types will look like your typical Pokémon, they will be a great addition in your Pokédex to give you the ultimate bragging rights.

There will be many other legendary Pokémon to follow throughout the year, and maybe this is what the app needs to regain the users they lost.