Redfall video game releases

Redfall Launches May 2

Revealed at the Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct, Arkane’s next game, Redfall is launching on May 2. To celebrate, the developers delivered 10 minutes of new gameplay to tide us over until launch.

Set in Redfall, Massachusetts, the city is overrun with vampires who have blocked out the sun and are now feeding on the citizens. Set in an open world, you’ll work your way to discover the truth on why the vampires have appeared in Redfall and you’ll team up with survivors of the attacks to stop them.

Arkane’s Redfall will include single-player and multiplayer aspects, both seamlessly allowing the player to venture into the unknown alone or with up to four players. There will be different loadouts and you’ll need to combine your strength to take down the vampires.

Moreover, the vampires will challenge you with psychic abilities and you’ll need to get creative to stop them as you play through the campaign. Given Arkane’s talent for crafting exciting open worlds, the trend will continue in Redfall as you explore haunted forests, dilapidated town buildings, and the decimated seaside boardwalk.