Redemption Reapers

Redemption Reapers Boasts Some Major JRPG Talent

On February 22, 2023, the Ashen Hawk Brigade will battle with the cruel, unforgiving Mort armies. 

The Mort armies are marching from town to town, city to city, pillaging and causing destruction. It’s up to the rag-tag band of mercenaries deemed the Ashen Hawk Brigade to utilize ranged, melee, and stealth tactics to push back.

If this sounds like every JRPG to you, then Redemption Reapers selling point is the all-star, triple-A team of JRPG developers behind it. 

Adglobe spearheads development on this game, but production comes from the legendary Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Binary Haze Interactive.

Kobayashi serves as the game’s director, but JRPG veteran Masayuki Horikawa, of Fire Emblem and Kingdom Hearts III fame, offers the game’s balancing.

The game’s balance comes with help from Metal Gear Solid scenario legend Tomokazu Fukushima. 

Bayonetta and Fire Emblem composer Rei Kondoh lend an original soundtrack.

Following the traditions of Fire Emblem, you can upgrade and outfit the Ashen Hawk Brigade with weapons and items earned after victories and forge relationships between team members through the bond of battle. Unravel the personal stories of each Ashen Hawk member, and make in-game dialogue choices impacting the relationship between fellow warriors.

Redemption Reapers’ clever combat mechanics complement a gripping tale during wartime struggle,” says Kobayashi, CEO of Binary Haze Interactive. “We look forward to watching our players explore this saga and experiment with creative tactics to secure victory on February 22nd.”