RC Revolution

RC Revolution Launches Today On Steam

Phren Games‘s RC Revolution is launching today on Steam with a discount.

RC car fans might want to take notice of RC Revolution as the title includes fully customizable RC cars you can battle against in various locations and modes. The developer says your races combine strategy, skill, and speed, so you must focus to stay competitive against other racers.

RC Revolution includes 28 tracks across seven locations, including the suburbs, the beach, Japan, a miniature park, and more. Plus, there are six car-building platforms: Buggy, Truggy, Drift, Monster, Crawler and Novelty, each one optimized for a specific terrain and race type with access to 21 different RC cars.

Phren Games offers a music customization feature that allows players to curate their own unique musical experience. The game includes a wide selection of tracks to cater to different types of players. With this feature, players have the freedom to customize and shape their musical journey within the game.

Multiplayer accommodates up to eight players and includes competitive modes with leaderboards and tournaments where you can earn in-game currency to spend on new cars and parts.

Lastly, the single-player mode includes a split-screen so you can sit down with friends and family to play together.

RC Revolution will also be available on consoles later this year.