Razer Stream Controller X

Razer Unveils Stream Controller X

Razer is constantly tweaking, upgrading and adding to their extensive peripheral and PC lineups, and the latest of which to receive some love is their Razer Stream Controller.

The Razer Stream Controller X sheds some of its predecessor’s bulk by removing the six analog dials and eight programable buttons in favour of 15 touchscreen buttons. 


It also adds a magnetic anti-slip stand with a 50-degree angle for easier reach. The stand is not yet articulated with a range of motion, which was a big ask with the Razer Stream Controller, but 50 degrees is pretty reachable when set ergonomically on your desk.

Streamers will enjoy a new level of control with the ability to easily pair all of their Bluetooth gear with the Razer Stream Controller X. New ways to use multi-link macros mean you can do things like turn on lights, and cameras and open apps with a single tap on the screen. 

The Razer Stream Controller X does retain the use of Loupdeck‘s software and marketplace so that you can easily download and connect your most-used apps straight to the controller. Connect to Adobe apps, OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, Ecamm, Final Cut Pro, and much more.

Razer and Loupdeck hope you’ll find endless ways to customize your controller to maximize your streaming, art and content creation and overall productivity while at work or play.

The Razer Stream Controller X is now available at $201.62 Canadian.