Razer Enki

Razer Enki Pro Takes Comfort Up a Level

You probably don’t need me to tell you that having a comfortable place to park your rear when gaming is far more important than what system you are gaming on or what you are playing.

And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that selecting the right chair is far from easy.

There are so many different companies out there offering a handful of gaming office chairs that all seem very similar. But Razer’s Enki lineup is one that you can trust because gamers and streamers have been doing so for years. And the community isn’t going to sit you in the wrong seat.


Enter the Razer Enki Pro, which maintains the base model’s souped-up, racer styling built for all-day comfort. However, you’ll notice there’s something different with the upholstery.

Razer has taken further inspiration from the automobile industry and added Italian company Alcantara’s unique synthetic suede to the back and seat of the chair.

Alcantra’s product offers exceptional comfort, a crisp and cool texture and unmatched protection against liquids and sweat. Paired with a new built-in lumbar, The Enki Pro is extra comfortable all day long.


Razer has paid extra attention to making increasing seat real estate and shoulder arches to fit your body for those like myself who are more portly.

The Razer Enki Pro also features a new radial recline dial that offers 152 degrees of recline that allows you to comfortable find your position of power and lock it in with a weight-based lock-in system. All you have to do is shift your weight and let the chair react.


The Razer Enki Pro reinvents the headrest as well, providing a large-coverage memory foam head pillow. Slide it up and down and lock it in with the power of magnets or take it off if you want to lean back.

The Razer Enki Pro supports up to 300 pounds and seats those between 5’5 and 6’8. It’s available now but it’ll cost a cool $1,299 CAD.