Rayman Origins Is Free On PC

RO_CC_HD_bellyflopThe entry that brought life back into Rayman, Rayman Origins, is free right now on PC if you log on to Uplay from the Ubisoft Club.

To celebrate 30 years for Ubisoft, the company is providing free, full games to users who sign in to Uplay this year. Rayman Origins is the third game in a seven game celebration. The giveaways so far have included: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; then last month we received the original Splinter Cell on PC. This will run us through right until December.

I’d recommend getting in on this as soon as you can as Rayman Origins is a widely revered title in the Rayman series, as well as a solid title start to finish. The art alone is reason enough to jump into the colourful world of Rayman.

The only required thing is to have a Uplay account. Go get it!