Ratatan Crowdfunds Over 10 Times Kickstarter Campaign Goals

I always found it odd that Patapon never saw the entire trilogy land on modern consoles despite fans asking for it. So it shouldn’t be surprising that Ratatan has found success on Kickstarter, proving that fans want rhythm games.

The Kickstarter campaign had an initial goal of ¥20,000,00 ($185,000), before raising a total of ¥219,314,335 ($2,022,297).

“Thank you backers!! For us, we have spent months and months planning the campaign with countless development hours going into the project. The campaign team and developers have spent multiple 14 hour days answering questions, adding functionality to the discord, chatting with you, continuing the development of the game, of course, and translating a massive amount of information. It’s been a marathon but we reached the finish line. During the whirlwind workflow it’s been your kind words, support, and glorious fan art that really kept us going. You really are the best community and we are honored to be able to develop this game with you on our sides. Rarely can you directly affect the fates of the creators you care about but this group has done that. You have empowered us and given us a great opportunity. We will do our best to make this a project you are proud to have participated in,” the Kickstarter says.

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On the Ratatan FAQ page, the developers confirm that production is far along and they are confident every stretch goal will be concluded by April 2025.

Ratatan will be released for Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC in 2025.