Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor’s Curse Starts Today

A new event is heading to Rainbow Six: Siege just in time for Halloween! The new event was teased earlier this morning before being unveiled.

Lasting two weeks and beginning today, October 23, runs through until Wednesday, November 6. The event is called Doktor’s Curse and is an exciting 5 vs 5 Monster Hunt where players need to choose between “fighting or embracing the darkness.” Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

Whether you’re playing as Exterminator using only hammers and a selection of gadgets, or as a Monster, where you have no weapons but are free to use traps or use your temporary invincibility to hide, the goal is to win; whether by killing all the monsters or surviving through the round. This event brings an all-new game mode in a spooky, reworked, Frankenstein version of the map “Theme Park,” where the Doktor has taken refuge.

This limited-timed event brings with it new skins for five operators. Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, and Ela each get their own set of four items, as well as Doc and Bandit.

Players are able to take on new Ubisoft Challenges to earn more packs. Also, those who sign in between today and November 6, gain one free pack.


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