R6 Collegiate

Rainbow Six: Siege Collegiate League Announced

If you’ve been following our coverage on Rainbow Six: Siege at all, then you likely know that as part of their ten-year plan, Ubisoft has made it a pillar of their dedication to the five-year-old game to foster an intense challenger scene for their pro scene.

Ubisoft will be helping the game’s challenger scene to grow even more durable as they are announcing the formation of the Collegiate Esports League sponsored by Corsair.

The goal is to help registered school clubs — currently excluding online schools — take part in a continent-wide online ecosystem. Ubisoft has partnered with FACEIT to help clubs host intramurals, viewing parties, special events manage their teams and team members and even get some sweet prizes from Ubisoft and Corsair for their players.

There’s also a more considerable incentive for players to get their schools involved. Each registered school will be able to nominate one of their clubs to take part in an official championship where $30-thousand and additional Corsair hardware and peripherals will be up for grabs.

Console Creatures is following up with members of the Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege development team to learn more about what this latest announcement will mean for North America’s profesional scene, and we will have more on this in the coming days.