Farming Sim Southfield From Gang Beast Developer Announced

Radical Forge has revealed its next game in Southfield, with a demo available during Steam Next Fest in February.

Head on Down to Southfield

Southfield is the culmination of a huge amount of imagination, trial and error, and sheer hard work by the Radical Forge team,” said Radical Forge CEO and Director Bruce Slater in a press release. “We wanted to create an ambitious, silly farming game with ridiculous characters in a fantastical world.”

Set on the island of Southfield, a colorful place where you must become one with the Bud, a mysterious creature of the land’s soil. The island allows you to grow weird crops, build toys, and play with your friends across Southfield. The studio says you can combine crops, build a homestead and experiment with the machinery. You can play with up to four players, use an Almanac to track discoveries, and help the locals.

“Most of all, we wanted to build an island that generates fun’. And now we can get it into Early Access and see what you think. For me, this is where the game will take on a new life, and the players will take it in directions we can’t even imagine,” continues Slater.

The physics engine in Southfield sounds like you’ll likely see unexpected results across your playthrough. I’m looking forward to seeing how players will interact with the system and how their crops will end up.