Narrative Racing RPG Resistor Reveals New Customization Options

Developer Long Way Home has a new trailer for its upcoming narrative-driven racing RPG, Resistor.

In 2060, the remnants of world governments lie in ruins, replaced by autonomous city-states governed by a consortium of influential corporations. Enclosed within the fortified walls of these bustling urban centers, citizens revel in opulence and luxury, blissfully detached from the harsh existence endured by communities seeking survival in the desolate expanses of the outside world.

These same corporations have turned the once friendly racing competitions deadly. Teams of brave challenges partake in a series of high-speed death races, with the ultimate prize being a ticket to permanent residency within the cities.

You play as Aster, sponsored by Dekker Industries, as she looks to secure healthcare to save her mother.

As you take on missions to upgrade your vehicle, you can earn a reputation and unlock additional story missions and endings. Aster will also have her crew to unlock, manage, and take on various bosses — ensuring your ride is fully customized is crucial to winning the golden ticket to the city.