Quantum Break Coming To Steam

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The not so welcome surprise of Quantum Break jumping to PC back in April did not go over well, it upset a ton of gamers and caused some trouble for Remedy Games. The game launched and was hit with some severe issues.

My game was hit with severe slowdown on a rig not even three years old. I had at time spent good money to create a future-proof rig that has so far not failed me. I hit glitches, and downtime, it wasn’t fun. It’s now August and now I am finally getting back on the train, after downloading a massive 27GB patch for the game, it’s been fun.

Yesterday, Remedy announced that Quantum Break would come to Steam on September 14, 2016, citing it to have been a timed exclusive for the developer and the mostly unwelcome Windows Store for Windows 10.

The game will be $40 dollars, enough to enjoy and enough not ot feel too bad if it doesn’t play well with the system.



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