Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream May Be Working on Star Wars

The developer behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human may be working on a new Star Wars IP, according to Gautoz, a French YouTuber.

While there is little proof of this claim, the rumour has become large enough that it is worth addressing. Per VGC, the claim from last week, says the French studio is working with Disney on a new Star Wars game after having completed a three-game deal with Sony. To corroborate even further, there was a tweet reporting on the project that was even liked by the Quantic Dream Twitter account.

For years, Electronic Arts held the Star Wars license exclusively only for Disney and Lucasfilm announced this was no longer the case by revealing an unannounced title from Ubisoft.

Sources close to the topic said Quantic Dream has been working on an unannounced title for a year and a half. Not only that, but the game would be a departure from the traditional storytelling mechanics used in games developed by the studio. switching to more traditional gameplay.

With no signs of slowing down, the Star Wars properties are in full stride, with a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic being remade.

It should be noted that Quantic Dream opened a new studio in Montreal, Quebec earlier this year. The studio is in a city packed with talented individuals and will likely play a part in the future lineup of titles. Regardless of the next title,