Qualities to look for in an esports betting app

Esports has had a major impact on the gambling industry over the last two years as the sector continues to grow in both popularity and stature. Many followers of traditional sports like American Football, horse racing and boxing are beginning to show an interest in the reliability and excitement of esports competition. The number of wagers placed on esports has rocketed in recent times and the trends suggest things won’t be slowing down.

As more people begin to follow professional esports competitions and players, more bets are placed on the outcome of fixtures. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by major bookmakers, of course, with names like betnow ramping up their coverage. Traders are continually improving and building on their esports betting coverage in an attempt to stay ahead of the competition. They know the love that exists for esports betting and want to ensure you choose to place your gambles at their app.

What exactly should you look for in an esports betting app? Great odds is always the most attractive aspect for online bettors but there’s much more to it than that. With so much choice, it can be difficult to know which betting app to go with. This article is here to help simplify things. We advise on the qualities you should be looking for in an esports betting app, features that could improve your gambling experience.


Welcome bonus

Regardless of the sport you wish to bet on, getting a welcome bonus is always important. You want to secure the best deal for you and as an online gambler you are in a fantastic position. Bookmakers are battling for your business, desperate to convince you to join them while ignoring the competition. In order to encourage you to do just that, many of the most successful betting apps offer new customers a welcome bonus.

These types of promotions come in a variety of forms, including free bets, enhanced odds, price boosts, cashback and extra places each way. You should take your time and shop around for the welcome bonus that best suits your needs as a sports gambler. Don’t make the same mistake many bettors do and grab the first bonus that dazzles you. Instead, read the terms and conditions of the best offers to get a better understanding of how they work.

Solid coverage

You need your new bookie to love esports as much as you do. The days of the esports tab being tucked away at the bottom of the sportsbook behind the likes of volleyball and bandy are long gone. Today, there is a huge interest in esports and betting on esports. Click the tab and you’ll quickly get a feel for how a sportsbook feels about this type of betting.

The tab should be packed with fixtures and competitions and each option should have a long list of markets available. You want to see all the most popular competitions, players and games covered but there should also be a healthy balance of specials including price boosts, enhanced odds and multiples. Your bookie should give esports the same love you do or things just won’t work out.


The in-play feature allows you to gamble on an esports fixture that has already begun. It’s no longer important that you place your bets before the start of a game as the odds and markets are often available throughout the play. This is ideal if you have missed the start or prefer to watch the opening exchanges, getting a feel for the action before risking your cash on a bet. When done right, in-play increases your chances of beating the bookies and making a profit from your in-play bets.

Visit the homepage of your bookie and you should see a populated in-play betting section. This should include all the fixtures that are live and available to bet on, including esports fixtures. The in-play betting traders update the odds and markets as the contest plays out. A bet on esports is just as exciting in the final few minutes as it was before the start thanks to in-play betting. With many bookies also offering live coverage of esports, you can follow the play, keep on the lookout for value and place your bets at the click of a button.