Pyramid Head Drags Himself Into Dead by Daylight

Do you remember Pyramid Head, the creep with a face hidden behind a massive pyramid on its head? Better yet, I’m surprised that this crossover event is real since Konami has all but abandoned their IPs for pachinko machines in Japan.

Even with rumours swirling currently with Sony having purchased the franchise to create new games on the PlayStation 5, this small act of kindness from Konami is surreal. An iconic horror video game icon making his way to Dead by Daylight? I’m in, even though the game is packed with iconic names like Ash Williams, Freddy Krueger, and  Ghostface.

In the trailer, the “Executioner, is a sadistic and merciless killer fixated on dispensing punishment through pain. Never without his hulking great blade in tow, Pyramid Head has stepped into the fog to fulfill his nefarious duty.” In addition, Cheryl Mason (the protagonist of Silent Hills 3) will launch alongside Pyramid Head as a skin for Heather.