PUBG Corp Is Suing Epic Games For Similarities To It’s Game

For almost a year now, PUBG Corp. has been been adamant that Fortnite has been an exact copy of their title, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Fast forward to January of this year, and the company is now ramping legal action against Fortnite developer, Epic Games for copyright infringment.

PUBG Corp. is specifically going after Epic Games Korea, and asking courts to confirm whether or not their property is being intellectually fringed upon and according to The Korea Times, PUBG Corp. is going after that branch of Epic Games due to launching Fortnite with Neowiz Games (a popular developer in that region).

Ironically, PUBG was created using Unreal Engine, and as it were, the last studio that used Unreal Engine and then decided to sue Epic Games was the now defunct Canadian studio, Silicon Knights – a studio that claimed Epic Games failed to “provide a working game engine,” which lead to the studio to meet “considerable losses.” With a counter-suit against Silicon Knights, Epic eventually won and came out with a $4.45 million payout which ended up doubling due to Silicon Knights “deliberately and repeatedly copied thousands of lines of Epic Games’ copyrighted code, and then attempted to conceal its wrongdoing by removing Epic Games’ copyright notices and by disguising Epic Games’ copyrighted code as Silicon Knights’ own.”

The suit ended with the studio shuttering, and all games made with Unreal Engine 3 to be destroyed.

I am curious to see where this lawsuit goes, because what I’ve learned from the years in the industry is that those with more lawyers will come out on top.