PUBG Corp Drops Suit Against Epic Games

Last month we reported about the lawsuit that saw PUBG Corp (the studio behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) filing a suit against Epic Games (the studio behind Fortnite) on grounds of copyright infringement. Ever since Fortnite showed up to the party the focus has heavily been divided between the two and for good reason – each game is fun to play.

PUBG Corp claimed that Fortnite was a carbon copy of their successful IP but has since withdrawn the lawsuit.

According to Bloomberg, PUBG Corp sent a letter of withdrawal to Epic Games earlier this week and the case is now closed. PUBG confirmed the decision to local news in Korea but didn’t explain why they decided to withdraw the suit.

Coincidentally, both PUBG Corp and Epic Games are both owned by the media giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. and ironically PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds uses Unreal Engine. This case has been an odd one to cover and look at from most sides.