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This Holiday Season The PS5 Is Fully In Stock for the Very First Time Says Sony

Even though we are almost three full years into the generation, the PS5 is still finding ways to accomplish ‘first-time’ goals as a Sony exec revealed that the console will be fully in stock this holiday for the very first time, according to a CNBC.

“This holiday season is the first holiday season we will be fully stocked on PlayStation 5 in every geography. We launched back in 2020. We suffered from the same supply chain issues that everybody was dealing with. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to deliver PS5 to every consumer that wanted one,” Sony’s head of business operations, Eric Lempel, said in a CNBC interview.

It’s shocking this has gone on this long, but when you realize this console was first released at the height of the pandemic during a time when new electronic products were in high demand that shipping couldn’t meet due to global chip shortages. I felt fortunate to get my PS5 during its launch month in November 2020, but others weren’t so lucky.

Waiting for the perfect chance to get Sony’s latest console wasn’t easy due to demand or sellers using bots to buy up the stock to sell at a ridiculous premium price. Now, with years removed, it won’t be much of a challenge to get one during this holiday. Sony is also launching a new slimmer and slightly smaller PS5 alongside other hardware releases like the PlayStation Portal alongside a new headset and earbuds in November, so Sony is lining everything up.

This might not be the only first time this year for Sony as the console manufacturer is targeting to 25 million PS5 units in 2023. If this is accomplished, it would be the best year for a PlayStation console ever, something for Jim Ryan to put in his hat as the captain of the PlayStation ship is set to retire early next year.