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Project Scorpio and Xbox One S

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Microsoft’s E3 conference today saw the announcements of not one, but two new version of the Xbox One.

First, the Xbox One S. Not only will the Xbox One S be slimmer and sleeker than the previous Xbox One model, it will also be 40% smaller. It will have up to 2 TB of internal storage and an IR blaster giving the controllers a more improved range. The controllers will feature an improved grip and Bluetooth connectivity. The Xbox One Slim will start at $299.

Xbox was able to contain the excitement about Project Scorpio until the presentation, unlike some other developers. Xbox Project Scorpio was built with players in mind. No boundaries, no limits. Like the PlayStation Neo, Project Scorpio will feature 4K resolution, the most powerful processor in any console to date, the highest quality pixels, and will be able to render games at 60Hz. Project Scorpio will add to the capabilities of the Xbox One and all current Xbox One games and accessories will work on all 3 consoles.

Project Scorpio is set to release Holiday season of 2017.