Project Scorpio Trailer Reveals Hints, Jabs At PlayStation 4 Pro

There’s a few of these promotional clips circulating right now for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, which is most likely set to be revealed this Sunday at their E3 press conference.

There also might be release date somewhere within, but, no one is really sure what to look for. They release date could be October 13, 2017, the reasoning being that within the promotional videos are this string of text, “X10S101-317,” which looks like nonsense. However, you remove the X10W and the dash between 1 and 3 and you get the date of “101317,’ or October 13.

Lastly, Microsoft jabs Sony about the PS4 Pro, which in the video is a blink and you’ll miss the moment where 6>4, a direct jab at Sony’s system that has a computing power of 4 teraflops, compared to Scorpio’s 6.



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