Project Nomad

Cancelled Power Rangers Game ‘Project Nomad’ Sounded Awesome

Over the weekend, Jason Bischoff, a former Saban employee took to Twitter to reveal a cancelled Power Rangers AAA production that sounded like it could have been great. In the thread, Bischoff explained a bit of what fans could have expected and why it never happened.

We’ve seen a few video games based on the Power Rangers property over the years and while Battle for the Grid is a decent fighting game, I’ve always pictured the series being a narrative-driven video game with the ability to play as any of the rangers. On Twitter, Bischoff revealed some of the gorgeous concept art he had asked to be developed to put together for Project Nomad, a concept that was in development in 2016.

Bischoff described the project as “an ambitious, open-world co-op that captured the energy, teamwork, and history of the franchise through a fresh lens,” and also, “Basically, ‘Arkham’ Rangers… or Gotham Knights five years before GK‘s announcement.”

Bischoff goes on to say that so much was going on at [Saban] at the time and there was “no bandwidth or budget to support,” but he had creative freedom to explore independently. The result included recruiting Lineage, Carlos Dattoli, Jarold Sng to contribute to the idea and early talks with developers/publishers went well, but the timing and shift in business saw the project shelved.


The premise saw Zordon’s homeworld invaded and with the help of countless Rangers across the universe, would free the planet from occupation.


While it is unlikely we’ll ever see Project Nomad, Bischoff’s gift of concept art is enough to get people talking and he has “lots more to share another time.”