Project CARS 3 Power Shifts A Reveal Trailer

Slightly Mad Studios has a busy summer ahead of them as they are releasing Fast and Furious Crossroads in August, and also Project CARS 3 too.

If you’ve never played a Project CARS game, the series is particularly popular amongst racing aficionados; thanks to some mighty realistic physics powering the game engine. I’ve previously played the second game and enjoyed racing some beautiful exotics, even though I wasn’t too keen to follow the rules.

According to this tweet from Paul Rustchynsky, he’s spent 18 months working on Project CARS 3. It is unclear how long the project has been in development but the game is closing in on the last quarter mile.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Pete Morrish, production director on the project, the is a metagame and career mode in the game.

“While we’ve still got what we’re renowned for, which is that amazing sandbox and toy set of loads of different cars and loads of different tracks and loads of different weather conditions that you can combine in whatever way you see fit,” Says Morrish, “We popped on top of that a whole metagame and a whole career system to really support newcomers to the franchise, and those that are maybe further down the continuum towards more casual, more “pick up and play” people, than the usual sim-head crowd.”

Not only that, but they’ve done away with community events, instead offering a curated and accessible multiplayer known as Rivals. Featuring dynamic ghosts and new ghosts data from other, close leaderboard competitors, Project CARS 3 wants you to get better.

Project CARS 3 is set to launch this summer.

Source: GamesRadar