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Print Your Chosen Fire Emblem House With My Nintendo

Last week saw the long-awaited arrival of Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Nintendo Switch. The standard box art features all three houses found with Garreg Mach Monastery but if you chose one, why give the others the free promotion?


As someone who picked the Black Eagles, I don’t associate with the Blue Lions or Golden Deer. Nope, we’re much too regal for them and they know that we do not mess around. Thankfully, Nintendo is aware that not all those who purchase the game want the three houses on their cover, so you can download the perfect alternative through My Nintendo.

All you need to do is head over to My Nintendo, log in and redeem the cover art for 50 platinum points. Note: Print it at Actual Size on letter-sized (8.5×11”) paper. Nintendo recommends using Gloss Text-type papers.