Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake Delayed Again

It looks like the upcoming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake has been delayed once again, the dev team announced. Only this time around, Ubisoft hasn’t given an exact time frame when the remake to the 2003 classic game, only that it will come out at a later date.

The remake was originally slated for January but was initially delayed to March. This is another game in Ubisoft’s lineup that has been delayed out of the company’s year-end fiscal year report, which is coming at the end of March.

I will applaud Ubisoft for making the right decision to delay the remake, like all delays any extra development time will lead to a better game. I would like to think but with this remake, it’s hard to say right now.

What Ubisoft revealed back in September did not give Prince of Persia fans a lot of confidence in their commitment to the series. The remake looks like a PS3 game – at best – and is just overall a bad look for Ubisoft, especially when you compare it to other remakes like Final Fantasy VII Remake, one done right.

That lack of respect for the series has been lacking as of late like the last decade to be precise. The last true Prince of Persia game to come out was back in 2010, which was a disappointing entry that was released simultaneously with the atrocious movie adaptation from Disney.

It’s disappointing that Ubisoft never did a follow-up sequel to the 2008 Prince of Persia game, which was a great take on the series and one I remember fondling.

I doubt a sequel to that game will ever happen, Ubisoft hopefully now has a reinvigorated commitment to making a Remake that fans will enjoy. If the upcoming game does good numbers, maybe remaking the rest of the trilogy’s more mature entries is in the works.

I remain wary of Ubisoft’s approach to the remake but I do hope Ubisoft has taken the lessons learned in the last five months and puts out a game that will satisfy series fans.