The Division Resurgence

Preview: The Division Resurgence

A huge game on small mobile devices

Last week, Ubisoft invited us to preview The Division: Resurgence, a free mobile game that Ubisoft has been working on for a few months, and the possibility of playing it on our smartphones on a test server to see what the game has to provide.

New York needs you, agent!

The Division Resurgence is an open-world tactical shooter action-RPG franchise that deals with a world devastated by a smallpox pandemic. As an agent of the SHD, the Strategic Homeland Division, your role is to help survivors rebuild emergency infrastructure, fight criminal activities and find information about the pandemic.


In The Division: Resurgence, the ambitious mobile game from Ubisoft, you will face this same experience on a console, a vast open world with near-console quality graphics and the social universe present, all in the hollow from your hand.

You’re back in New York City, the location of The Division, right in the heart of Manhattan, the epicentre of the smallpox pandemic.

Offering here an immersive universe worthy of a AAA game with quality graphics, complete and complex RPG mechanics and where the social side is still greatly in demand, if only for quests to be played in cooperative or the famous Dark Zone , a well-known PvP area of the franchise. I must admit that I was greatly surprised by what the game offers us, especially since this is a completely free mobile game on which monetization will be focused mainly on Battle Passes and cosmetics.

“As the game was developed using Unreal Engine 4, we intend to demonstrate the importance of quality in mobile games and want to become the benchmark. That’s why we created this vast open world in which Manhattan is very well represented,” says Jonathan Laverge, Creative Director.


Also offering a dynamic day and night system and weather management, the studio has also made sure to offer a shooter with mechanics offering great progression.

When you feel like playing Remote Play

Thanks to the Ubisoft team, I could play The Division: Resurgence for a few days, and I must admit that I enjoyed my experience. Admittedly, The Division is known to be everything I like: a shooter and an Action-RPG. On the other hand, I had some concerns about the quality of the product since it is a mobile game; I was greatly surprised!

Not only is the game visually very good, but the soundtrack, audio quality and controls are surprising. Control-wise, I felt like I was playing PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile with a certain ease of grip. Content is also surprising since you have a rich story, sustained progression, the possibility of strengthening your weapons and armour through upgrades, a skill tree linked to the four classes available in the game, and much more.


I’ll be honest; I felt like I was playing The Division in Remote Play on my smartphone connected to my PlayStation 4, all with well-integrated touch keys rather than the DualShock’s on-screen buttons.

Walking all over New York, hiding behind different structures to storm enemies, picking up different items, upgrading my gear and levelling up like in traditional titles really made my experience fun.

Socializing with other media who were experiencing the online experience simultaneously was also very pleasant because it was easy to communicate with them, either by chat or even by voice chat. All of this makes the experience even more immersive because it gives us the impression of being there, playing on our console, and discussing different strategies to adopt to complete our quests with our friends.


When you’re used to seeing mobile games, whether paid or free, that claim to offer a similar experience to the games they’re referring to, only to realize that those games are just scratching the surface or, worse, offering to play with energy in order to extract money for you to continue whether you want to play immediately or have to wait hours to return to continue your adventure, it’s very refreshing to see that Ubisoft has not taken this route in The Division: Resurgence.

That said, I finish writing these few lines and am heading back to play it again before the test server is shut down!

[This impression article is based on an preview code offered by the publisher]