Powerpuff Girls Save The Day In Latest LEGO Dimensions Trailer

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has put out the newest LEGO Dimensions trailers which features our favorite saviors of Townsville, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles! The trailer introduces the crime-fighting trio as they bring their special powers to the world of LEGO in the upcoming Team and Fun packs.

With these new packs, players will be able to build the sugar-coated, Chemical X superheroes and launch them into the LEGO Dimensions Multiverse to save the day. In the game, players can fly around and use ultra-super powers to fight crime and battle the forces of evil, visit the exclusive Adventure World to unlock iconic locations like Pokey Oaks elementary, Rainbow Land, and Professor Utonium’s lab, and also go head-to-head in the Battle Arena for endless fun!

These packs along with Teen Titans GO! and Beetlejuice packs will be available to purchase September 12th 2017.