Kind Words 2 (lofi city pop)

Popcannibal Reveals Kind Words 2 (Lofi City Pop)

As part of The Game Awards Edition of Day of the Devs, developer Popcannibal revealed Kind Words 2 (lofi city pop) is coming.

The sequel to the 2019 hit is scheduled to launch in 2024, and today, we’ve learned that over five million letters of kindness, support, and emotional connection have been exchanged. Kind Words also won a BAFTA.

Popcannibal reveals the sequel includes a remade version of Kind Words, with every room being polished and a better user interface for accessibility. If you played the original, all your mail and favourites will be in the sequel.

You’ll only speak to real people; it is anonymous; Clark Aboud returns to score the soundtrack.

You can wishlist Kind Word 2 on Steam.