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The Polish Government is Investigating CD Projekt RED

The hits continue for Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red, and a month after release, the studio’s fall from grace continues to become irreversible. And we haven’t even begun talking about the crunch, the cut content, or the complete dissolution of trust from the leaders at the studio.

Since launching on December 10, the game was held back for many outlets during the review cycle and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports being near-unplayable at launch on base models of those consoles, the studio has been in crisis control, working out as many bugs as possible post-launch. The most recent hurdle was the game’s save-breaking bug that would effectively ruin progress for anyone with a save file over 8MB. This is before even mentioning the Cyberpunk 2077 had been pulled from sale from the PlayStation Store and the developer as well as Sony and Microsoft were offering full refunds to anyone who requested one.


According to the Polish site benchmark, Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) is looking to investigate CD Projekt RED based on the current situation. The UOKiK wants to know the progress the studio is currently taking to get their game in working order and how the studio plans on handling those issues, customer complaints and ultimately fine the studio depending on those answers, which could be up to 10% of the studio’s income. Keep in mind, the studio is currently processing refunds across all platforms, so this is not including those returns users are requesting.

UOKiK’s representative Małgorzata Cieloch had this to say on the subject, “We will check how the manufacturer is working on the introduction of amendments or solution to difficulties preventing the game [to work] on different consoles, but also how it intends to act in relation to the persons who filed complaints and are dissatisfied with [their] purchase due to the inability to play games on owned equipment despite previous assurances [that it would].”

In light of all this, CD Projekt RED plans on “vigorously” fighting the lawsuits that are currently mounting against the studio. Despite all this, many people are currently enjoying the game for what it is, warts and all. However, in the same news report, Polish lawyer Dominik Jedrzejko explained that even with the work CD Projekt RED is ramping to fix these issues, it is likely not going to be sufficient, leading to what is described as “unfair market practice.”