Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite Launches July 21

Pokémon Unite, the upcoming free-to-play MOBA title is set to launch next week on Nintendo Switch, The Pokémon Company confirms.

Pokémon Unite takes place on Aeos Island, a new unexplored frontier. Aeos Island is host to Unite Battle tournaments hosted by the Unite Battle Committee. These battles pit five versus five opponents to see who can score more points before the timer runs out. On Aeos Island, a new form of energy known as Aeos energy can be used, helping evolve Pokémon.

You’ll earn points by gathering Aeos energy by defeating wild and opposing opponents then deposit the energy into one of the goal zones.

Pokémon Unite will also be landing on iOS and Android platforms at a later date and will feature crossplay between mobile and Switch, giving players the option to carry progress between the two versions.

The new trailer gives us another look at the gameplay and the option to create a custom trainer. It looks like you can equip sets of clothing in addition to individual pieces like hats, shirts, pants, shoes and so forth.

For anyone who downloads the game by August 31, you’ll the Pokémon Zeraora from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.