Pokémon Unite Announced

After last week’s announcement of New Pokémon Snap, Game Freak let it be known they had one more announcement set for June 24.
Today, we learned what their new game would be and I’m not sure everyone expected a Pokémon MOBA. Tsunekazu Ishihara was on hand to reveal Pokémon Unite and confirming Tencent’s involvement in developing the new spin-off title. Tencent’s TiMi Studios will work with The Pokémon Company, and this is the same team that worked on Call of Duty: Mobile and Honor of Kings. 

Some details we learned today include that this is a 5 v 5 team battle where you and your friends work together to battle others and complete various objectives.

Pokémon Unite launches as a free-to-start game on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.


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