Pokémon Sword and Shield Is Getting an Expansion

Today, during the Pokémon Direct, Game Freak revealed that an expansion pass is in the works for Pokémon Sword and Shield. According to the developers, this is in lieu of creating a third game in the series, which is usually released the year after.


To celebrate the announcement, the studio unveiled a trailer for the new expansion pass, which from the looks of it is set to include new monsters, new items to equip on your characters, and new locales. I’m still working my way through the final areas in order to catch every Pokémon but by the time this releases, I hope to have completed my Pokédex.

Speaking of the Pokédex, Game Freak is adding more than 200 new species of Pokémon to the game, we saw a handful of new designs shown today and that includes a new Galarian Slowpoke.

Also of note, is that the expansion is broken down into two parts: The Isle of Armor and Crown of Tundra. The first piece, is set to launch June, 2020 and Crown of Tundra will launch this fall. Both pieces will cost roughly $40 CAD and you can pre-order the expansions which come with both a Pikachu and Eevee outfit for use.

The Isle of Armor is a massive island off the Galar region and includes several biomes to explore. There are new Pokémon to capture, and a dojo where you’ll train under Mustard, who serves as a mentor.

You’ll meet new rivals, such as Klara, who excels in using Poison-type Pokémon and she is available in Pokémon Sword. Those playing Pokémon Shield, will meet Avery, who excels with Psychic-type Pokémon.

A new legendary Pokémon will also make its way to the isle – Kubfu. This Pokémon is a Fighting-type and you’ll earn it as you train under Mustard, which may even evolve into Urshifu, who also has a Gigantamax form

The Crown Tundra, takes us to to the snow-covered new area which looks rather chilly. It’s here, that you’ll meet even more new Pokémon, and from the looks of it a temple to explore.

It is here then, you’ll meet Calyrex, another legendary Pokémon. This Pokémon is a hybrid Psychic and Grass-type that used to be a ruler of the Galar region. It is seen as graceful, regal creature.

Lastly, the Crown Tunda will introduce a form of co-op, which allows you and a friend the chance to explore Pokémon Dens hidden under the Tundra. You may even encounter familiar legendary Pokémon who can Dynamax.