Pokemon GO Plus Has Been Delayed

Pokemon Go Plus Header

Players hoping to get their hands on Pokemon GO Plus are going to have to wait a little while longer as the peripheral has been delayed until sometime in September.

Not sure what Pokemon GO Plus is? Well basically it’s a wearable device that you can connect to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth to make the Pokemon GO experience even more immersive.

The Pokemon GO Plus device will:

-Alert you of nearby Pokemon or PokeStops by way of vibrations and flashing LEDs

-Features a Pokemon GO button that can perform various actions such as throw Pokeballs, or even access PokeStops

Nintendo confirmed the delay today via Twitter.

If Pokemon GO Plus seems like your kind of thing, the device is going to set you back $45 in Canada, with Pre-Orders already being sold out. Now keep in mind, Pokemon GO Plus is not necessary to play the game, it’s just a convenience.