At This Point Assassin’s Creed Origins Has To Be Revealed Soon

We’ve seen bits and pieces of the next Assassin’s Creed, which is rumoured to be set in Ancient Egypt and will feature a protagonist with a pet falcon. At this point, pretty much everyone knows it’s real but Ubisoft is unwilling to comment on the existence of their next game.

Aside from a handful of screenshots, a t-shirt, and now a pre-order card, we’re still waiting to get an official first taste that many fans are clamoring for something, anything really from Ubisoft.

The card in question features some interesting tidbits:

Our protagonist with his falcon

Pre-ordering guarantees you bonus missions, including the mysterious DLC, “Secrets of the First Pyramids

Adamantly, the French developer has said nothing about their next game. Ubisoft’s press conference is on Monday, June 12.