The Plucky Squire

Jump From 2D to 3D With Ease in The Plucky Squire’s New Gameplay Clip

A new look at the unique gameplay

The Plucky Squire could be one of the most highly anticipated indie titles in a long time. It feels like it’s getting aboard the same hype train the game titles like Limbo or Hades had.

Part of that is thanks to publisher Devolver Digital, but much of it stems from the eye-catching visuals shown off nearly two years ago and the blend of 2D and 3D gameplay.

In The Plucky Squireyou play as Jot. He’s trying to stop the wizard Humpgrump from taking over the colourful, artful world of Mojo. With a slew of moves and maneuvers, the new trailer unveiled today shows how some of the puzzles and exploration will work as Jot jumps on and off the page.

You can see Jot hop off the pages of the adventure book he and his companion are in. From left to right, you’ll play on the page in 2D, but small portals will allow you to transfer into the 3D realm when the situation calls for it.

You can flip the pages here, unveiling new areas like a dark cave. Or, a few moments later, turn the page to move the portal itself, helping you pop back into the book and traverse a previously unreachable area.

It’s an amazingly unique idea that caught gamers’ eyes when it was first shown. The extra few minutes shown in the trailer above give us a good sense of the pace and puzzles you’ll run into throughout The Plucky Squire. The new look is also accompanied by a charming narration, giving us a real sense of personality.

The Plucky Squire doesn’t have a set release date but it is expected sometime in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.